Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The blog about my block was blocked

Okay, so I had a couple of topics in mind to write about.  The first is about always being the bridesmaid and never the bride.  I can't write that one until I am the bride, which I am determined to be because I have a shot at that weekly.  More on that once I am the bride.

Another topic I was going to write about concerned a possible fight at a community planning meeting scheduled on February 23.  I was going to blog about my block. The "fight" was cancelled before the meeting because my neighbors and I won without having to go to battle.  In part, the one stop pizza parlor pot shop business application was withdrawn because of possible blow back from two neighborhood groups.  The city had already denied the application to the LA based medical marijuana cooperative to open shop.  No matter, businesses in our area have been known to ask for forgiveness instead of permission; illegally operating without permits making all kinds of noises, messes and smells and profits for themselves.  So I guess they thought they would push the issue at the planning meeting because no body cares or goes to those meetings, right? Wrong!  That strategy went up in smoke for them.  Not one, but two adjoining neighborhood groups care about what happens on my block.  So the blog about my block was blocked when the agenda item was withdrawn.  I feel our neighborhood group, dubbed the lunch bunch, has reached its tipping point. Now we can stop shenanigans in our neighborhood before they start, without having to attend the fight.  So I have nothing to blog about because the blog about my block was blocked.

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