Monday, March 16, 2015

A Very Bradbury Birthday

March 8, Saturday 2:30 until 6PM-- 60s pop music and more concert party
for Janet Bradbury's Birthday
One Heart One Mind Center for Spiritual Living
11211 Sorrento Valley Road, Suite G, San Diego 92121
60s music and more performances and sing- alongs
No gifts. I suggest a donation of your choice to One Heart One Mind Center for Spiritual Living.
Schedule: Arrive at 2:30 for socializing and snacks.
Performance starts at 3:30PM.
Dinner at 5PM
The program includes prizes for best 60s outfit, and for answering questions about 60s music.
Dinner will be catered Indian Food and potluck salads and snacks.
Order vegetarian or non-vegetarian. Some gluten free options will be available.
If you want to, please bring a potluck item: salads, snacks or beverages.
Performers include Jeannette, Andrey, Anita, and some yet to be determined.
Please feel free to invite other friends or friends of mine who may have missed this notice.

Please RSVP by March 3 by e-mail  or call.

This was Janet's invitation for her birthday party.  I was pleasantly surprised and delighted to score this  invite via email. I have known Janet from a writing group we both attend, but not much outside of that.  This sounded like a fun chance to get to see another side of her.  So I replied "yes."  

I couldn't be there at the start time so I walked in to find Janet and Jeanette in the middle of signing the Joni Mitchell song "Both Sides Now."  Nancy from the writing group handed me a program; after putting a donation and card for Janet in the designated basket, I took a seat to enjoy the performance.

The tie-dyed peace symbol on the front of the program said Welcome to Janet Bradbury's 2015 Birthday Extravaganza.  The first two pages had the headline "The Show" and listed the song, the artist, the year and the singer.  The next five pages titled "The sing-Along"  had the words to songs we sang as a group--We Shall Overcome, Put a Little Love in Your Heart, Yellow Submarine and Reach Out in the Darkness--A Chant.  There was even a Coca-Cola ad!  The last three pages listed the performers and their bios.  The back page listed a special thank you to people, places and the restaurant that catered the food.  ( Quite good Indian cuisine.)

My favorite part of the performance was when Janet sang a Russian folk song called Dark Eyes in Russian! Afterwards, her daughter Anita joked she was going to play the guitar to the tune of Another Sad Song- literally!

After dinner, we fittingly sang Happy Birthday to Janet who had sung to us all afternoon.  She blew out the candles on her three cakes; yes, multiple cakes, all carrot!  I had to leave before the cake was served and the group photo, but still had a wonderful time.  Later that week, I received the following email from Janet.

Here is the group photo Sam took with a thank you to everyone. It was a  beautiful party! 
Ten of those who came were not in this photo. Thank you to them too!
Thank you to everyone who came. Thank you to our performers for helping me to create a musical experience.
Thank you to everyone who assisted! Thank you to Sitar Indian cuisine for providing great food!

Thank you for the beautiful party and all the great songs! 
May your lives be richly blessed!


And they are Janet, because you are a part of it.  

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